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Our Leak Detection Technology

We use only state-of-the-art water detection equipment

At PHS, we use the best equipment available, in order to allow us to find even the most hidden leaks. You can read about some of our state-of-the-art water detection tools below…

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

This is the most commonly used of all our leak detectors. We’ll see an infra-red image when using the tool, and it allows us to see small variations in temperature. Moisture causes temperatures to decrease, and these low temperature areas show up clearly on the IR display.

Acoustic Detection

Acoustic Detection

Although not always audible to humans, leaks create noise when escaping from the pipe. Acoustic detection allows us to pick up on these noises, making pinpointing a leak that much easier. It’s completely non-invasive and also incredibly effective.

Tracer Gas Detection

Tracer Gas Detection

We’re able to use gas to locate water leaks quickly. Because certain gases are lighter than air, they rise up when the leak is reached. The gas used is totally safe and non-combustible, ensuring this is a completely non-invasive procedure.



A borescope is a piece of equipment that allows us to look inside pipes. A long tube is inserted into the pipework and feeds an image back to the user. This allows them to spot any damage to pipes and pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

Correlation Detection

Correlation Detection

This exceptionally clever piece of technology works by attaching microphones to a pipe, which record the sound of a leak. An algorithm is then used to determine how long the sound of the leak takes to reach the sensors, thus allowing us to accurately determine the exact location of the leak.

Moisture Meter​

Moisture Meter

This piece of equipment is simple to use, plus it can get fast results. It is able to determine the moisture content of different materials, simply by holding it to a surface. We can then use other equipment to narrow the search down further.

Dye Testing​

Dye Testing

We simply place a couple of tablets into the water system, and these tablets will dye the water a bright colour. This makes it much easier to spot the escape of water from a joint or pipe. The dye will not stain or leave any other permanent marks within your home.

Water Analysis​

Water Analysis

We can analyse water samples to detect if these are tap water, waste water or rain/ground water. However, where this is only presenting as deposits on the surface (efflorescence) this can be tested in the same way.

Electronic Roof Leak Detection​

Electronic Roof Leak Detection

This is divided into high or low voltage and wet or dry tests. A high voltage test is made on a dry roof by trying to pass a very high voltage through the roof whereas a low voltage test is made on a wet roof.

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