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Ceiling Leak Repair

All types of water leaks in a home are undoubtedly serious, but perhaps the most worrying of them all is a leak coming through the ceiling. This can happen due to a number of reasons – which we’ll go through later on this page – and it’s vital you receive professional assistance with this problem as soon as possible, in order to stop serious damage throughout your home.

At WaterLeakFinder.co.uk, we’re experts at tracing leaks anywhere in the home – including in the ceiling. Our leak detection engineers have the experience needed to track down even the most hidden leaks, often locating leaks that other companies simply couldn’t find.

So, if you’re in London or within 25 miles, why not get in touch with us today and find out how our ceiling leak detection service could help you?

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Do You Have a Ceiling Leak?

Before contacting a water leak expert, most people will first have to work out whether they actually have a ceiling leak. The biggest sign that you’ve got a leak in the ceiling is round stains appearing – these are generally very visible and alert you to a problem straightaway.

You could also notice a physical drip from the ceiling – a clear and obvious sign that something is wrong – plus you could find mould growing within damp ceiling areas.

Even if you aren’t completely sure whether you have a ceiling leak or not, we encourage you to contact us straightaway. Ceiling leaks can be incredibly destructive – as you’ll see further down this page – therefore it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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How We Detect a Ceiling Leak

You might think that detecting a ceiling leak is a destructive process, with ceilings being damaged extensively in the process. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In the vast majority of homes we attend, we don’t even leave a scratch. This is because our specialist pieces of equipment – such as acoustic detectors and moisture meters – are completely non-destructive.

Once we have detected a leak in your ceiling, we can then often fix the problem on the spot. If our highly trained engineers can’t fix the issue straightaway, they’ll do everything in their power to temporarily resolve the problem for you, so no further damage is caused.

Problems Caused by Ceiling Leaks

When it comes to ceiling leaks, the potential problems are very real. Some will be lucky and get away with just mild damage to the ceiling, however others could see significant structural damage, needing extensive repairs.

The earlier you manage to spot a ceiling leak, the less damage it should cause. This is why we encourage everyone to call us, even if they’re not completely sure whether they have a leak in their ceiling.

If you suspect a ceiling leak, please call us on 0208 252 8927

Ceiling Leak Detection & Repair in London

We cover a 25-mile radius around the city of London, meaning that we attend jobs in the majority of Greater London area.

If you’re unsure whether we cover the area you’re in, please contact us and speak with one of our customer support advisors.

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